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Fees and Charges

The following schedule represents items or services which are not considered routine and
usually create additional expenses for the credit union to render.

Effective 8/1/2013

Fee/Service Description Fee/Service Cost
Fax Transmission (non-business):
    Local -
    Not local -
$0.50 per page
$1.00 per page
Wire Transfer $17.00
Rapid Cash $7.00
ACH Payments
Credit Union Originates
Check Cashing (non-members) $5.00
Visa Gift Cards $5.00 per card
Check Copy:
    Mailed - 
    Faxed - 
Photo Copy of Check (In-house) $1.00
    UPS: Next day -
    FedEx: Two days -
    FedEx: Saturday -
Share Draft/ACH/EFT/Debit Card:
    Courtesy Pay -
    Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) -
    Stop Payment -

$35.00 per check
Statement Printout $5.00 per page
Reg D Excess Primary Share Withdrawal
(more than 6 per month)
$25.00 per each excess
Reg D Excess Share Withdrawal
    Christmas Club (more than 1 per year) -
    Vacation Club (more than 4 per year) -

$5.00 per each excess
$5.00 per each excess
    Inquiry -
    Withdrawal -
    Foreign ATM Card Capture -
$1.00 (pass through)
$1.00 (pass through)
$25.00 each
Overdraft Protection Processing Setup $20.00
Secured Loan Processing Fee $75.00
Re-issue MasterCard, Debit/ATM Card (lost, stolen, damaged) $10.00
MasterCard/Debit Card
    Re-issue PIN number -
    Rush Order -
    Late Payment -
Loan Payment Late Charge

5% of payment or
$5.00 Min./$25.00 Max.

Legal Process
(attachment, garnishment, levy, etc.) per occurence. Or such other rate as may be set by law. Fee applies to each legal order or process that directs us to freeze, attach or withhold funds or other property
Returned Mail $2.00
Dormant Account  - Monthly Fee
Definition: A dormant account is a regular share account with:
-no deposits or withdrawals for twelve (12) months
-no other credit union savings or loan or investment services
-a balance of less than $100.00
-members under 24 years of age are excluded

$5.00 per month

Share Account - Opened and closed within 90 days of opening


Research Time (per hour or any part thereof over 1/2 hour)


Account Reconciliation (per hour or any part thereof over 1/2 hour) $25.00*
Cashier's Check
    Two (2) free per month with checking account
    Non-member -
Money Market
    Below minimum balance fee -
    (If more than 3 per month)
$10.00 per month
$10.00 per withdrawal
Deposited Item Returned

$10.00 per item

Written Verification of Deposit $10.00
Negative Account Balance Fee

$5.00 per day after 30 days

Forced Closure Fee $25.00
One Service
Fee charged if member has only one service with credit union and no other credit union savings or loan or investment services, has a balance of less than $100.00 at end of month, the account has been open at least six months, and member is over the age of 24.

$5.00 per month

Loan Payment Returned Unpaid $35.00 per item
Courtesy Pay Fee
Includes the following: checks/drafts, ACH, Freedom Banking, telephone transfers, ATM withdrawals, and Debit card purchases

$35.00 per each item

IRA External Transfer Fee $25.00

* NOTE #1: After Research and/or Account Reconciliation has been completed and the problem resulted from an error created by the credit union, these fees will be waived.

Federal Regulation D, Section 2-135, requires financial institutions to have written policies if certificate funds are withdrawn prior to their stated maturity. The following Policies represent the Substantial Penalties required by Willis Credit Union on certificates redeemed prior to their stated maturity.

  • If the certificate term is one year or less, the penalty is the forfeiture of thirty (30) days interest.
  • If the certificate term is greater than one year, the penalty is the forfeiture of ninety (90) days interest.
  • EXCEPT, if the certificate is withdrawn/redeemed within the first six (6) days, the forfeiture of seven (7) days interest is required per Federal Regulation D, Section 2-135.

Each certificate upon maturity will automatically be renewed for the same period, at the rate of interest being paid by the credit union on the date of maturity/renewal, unless written instructions are received by the credit union to do otherwise prior to the maturity date.

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